matt partridge
Warped Camera

Project Objective:
Create a novel image capturing device.

The interface of a camera has marginally changed since the introduction of digital photography. Reviewing screens have become the primary view finder and video capture is a key feature with all consumer digital cameras. Sizes are greatly reduced from earlier models, where mega-pixels, storage capacity, and speed have greatly increased. Digital cameras are widely integrated into cell phones as a means of convenience and enhancing communication. The concept of the camera remains unexamined. A camera can be more than a device for capturing an image; it can enhance or exaggerate a story. For example, a user who wants to emphasize the height of buildings, the length of a hall, the size of a fish, or just make a friend's face look goofy, with expert knowledge, will adjust their photos with an image editing program external to the camera.

Create a digital camera with a series of integrated software filters to achieve basic image editing capabilities with a highly intuitive interface.

Plain PhotoManipulated Photo

Controls & Behavior:
The initial state of the camera has the handles locked close to the body of the camera; here the camera will take normal photos. Once the user pulls the handles away from the body, they afford a range of motion with corresponding filters that compress, twist and pull the image accordingly. Slight to gross manipulations can be made of any image. When the camera captures a manipulated photo, it also saves an undisturbed copy of the same image; this is to encourage the users to really play with the camera without worry of missing a shot. Reviewing and deleting images is achievable by using the touch screen menu. The camera syncs and charges via a usb cable.

Form & Materials:
Size ReferenceDetailing is carefully handled to make a mature looking product, not a toy. The form and materials speak a language suggestive of the camera's use; the body and handles are elliptically cut previewing and aiding their maneuverability. The handles, covered in silicone rubber, emphasize the grip required of pulling and twisting.
The shutter button sharply contrasts, centered on the back of the handle, as it is more comfortable and controllable to pinch the camera handles, rather than using a conventional posture. The chrome ribs located to either side of the lens ring are reminiscent of comic strip motion lines, subtly suggesting a playful nature of the camera. The lens ring is a dominate protrusion to obviously protect the lens and emphasize the purpose of the device. The camera is sized slightly larger than a typical cell phone, just small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket.

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