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Tethered Control

novel user interface prototype sketch


Project Objective:
Simplify remote control capabilities for portable personal audio players.

Most portable audio players require user interaction to take place directly with the player and do not offer a system of remote control. They are designed to be a convenient and comfortable form to hold or place in a pocket for easy retrieval. Audio players that offer remote control systems such as in-line headphone controllers, suffer a contradition of convenience as they require the user to locate a small device and navigate its controls before a change can be made. The scale of and weights of the controllers are often so small that locating the controller requires the user to follow the headphone wire until it's found. The addition of an inline controller adds substantially more wire length to the headphones becoming a nuisance of tangles and poor aesthetics.

Eliminate inline mini controllers with headphone wires that offer the same controls along their entire length. Adding touch sensitive strips inside the sheathing of the wires can afford users the same control offered by any mini controller anywhere along the headphone leads.

Control Behavior:
Change of volume is achieve by pinching a section of the main wire lead in two places, then sliding one pinch-point along the wire in the desired direction of volume. Skipping songs is achieved by pinching is fast succession on either the right or left headphone feed; the right lead, "skip ahead" and left lead, "skip backward". With the addition of a photovoltaic sensor in each head phone; Pause/Play can be achieved by simply removing or replacing one headphone.

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