matt partridge
joaned screen shot


web site redesign


Project Objectives:
Showcase "Joaned" products. Support and enhance the "Joaned" brand. Create simple and concise site navigation. Format site for simple future updates. Minimize splash pages.

This is the first revision of "Joaned" since the site went live in 2003. The site is primarily used as an online catalogue to support it's Toronto based fashion accessory business. Shoppers can browse the product lines and make purchases with ease. For this revision, "Joaned" wanted a sophisticated and simple look.

The user learns the site navigation in their first required interaction. The site entrance presents the user with an animated 'Star Lure' atop a button. Each page subsequently uses star lures hint navigable sections of a page. The site navigation follows the same conventions of most other GUIs.

Simplicity is key to this site. To aide in maintaining a simple interface and showcase the products as key visual pieces; navigable menus drop down covering the descriptive text of the products to reduce the visual clutter, not their pictures.

Experience & Tactility:
Big name fashion labels model their sites to promote a rich and tactile experience. Icons, models, products and transitions all have a "feel" to them. Joaned sees the tactile experience established by these labels and delivers a similar, rich experience to users. Buttons are animated, load screens ensure users that content is loading and they have not clicked a bad link, transitions are animated and the photography is impeccable.

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