matt partridge
iPod UI

Quick and Dirty Prototypes

Supervising Instructor: Bill Buxton
Co-designed with: Nima Motamedi & Richard Thomas


Screen:Scroll Wheel 1:1 Relation

interaction sketch

Pie menu navigation that assigns the scroll-wheel postion a direct corelation with the highlit icon on the screen.


Tilt Motion Navigation

interaction sketch

Gestural navigation of iPod’s menus with subtle tilts. Tilt motion also allows for new kinds of gaming that involve both the scroll-wheel and the tilt control.


Browse Albums By Colour

interaction sketch

Reconnects the user with their album art by allowing an album to be located based on the album art general colour.


Ballistic Motion Navigation

interaction sketch

Gross movements of iPod unit, traverses the menus rather than use of the trademark scroll-wheel.
© copyright 2005 matt partridge
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