matt partridge
i|i Collaborative Whiteboard

Supervising Instructor: Bill Buxton
Codesigned With: Nima Motamedi & Richard Thomas


What I draw you see, what you draw I see.
The principle of a collaborative whiteboard is to enhance communication and ideation between users.
i|i collaborative whiteboard achieves this goal; it employs two cameras, two projectors, two screens and polarizing filters to create a closed loop video conference minimal video feedback. Each screen is being filmed from behind; the filmed image is then rear-projected onto the opposite screen. The polarizing filters eliminate the infinite loop that would occur without them. Through a series of prototypes; the practicality and usage of the white boards is sketched. Users can play games, sketch with dry-erase markers and/or tape, draw over photographs, and take screen shots at any time while the screens are connected over the internet.

© copyright 2005 matt partridge