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Project Objective:
Design a fail-safe tool system combining personal protective equipment that dramatically reduces risks and enhances a positive work experience.

Rising popularity of home improvement shows, like Trading Spaces, has brought new enthusiasm to do it yourselfers. Concurrently home improvement related accidents have been on the rise. Weekend do it yourselfers tackle projects without support from WSIB and OSHA, there are few enforceable safety regulations around the house.

Strong initiatives by organizations like OSHA and WSIB, have been taken to educate the broad workforce in personal safety. Educational campaigns show considerable results as work related accidents have declined in recent years. But knowledge alone does not ensure safety.
Most people involved in accidents make a conscious decision to proceed with an operation they are not adequately prepared for; in example of not using personal protective equipment or removing an impeding guard on a tool.
Nearly everything to prevent a crippling work-related accident exists today. Guidelines, material hazard sheets and personal protective equipment are widely available yet often forgone.

Integrate personal protective equipment as key enablers to their related components of a multi power-tool.

Features & Functions:
Situational adaptability- Components can modify to change size or user orientation if deemed preferable or required by the user.
Single Tool System- All components share the same system of cognitive mapping. Requires no components from outside the system.
User Feedback- Components should interact with the user if there is a mission critical problem.
Integrated Storage- System includes storage for all components.
Fail-safe lock out- System can not be used without proper safety equipment; components must be used in correct orientation to the safety equipment.
Light weight- Components are as light as possible to allow for easier use and greater control by all users.
- System is portable and not limited to the range of an available extension cord.
Multi functional- When possible, components are adaptable to serve more then one function to save money and space.

Still Interested?
Download the pdf, Tooling Protection. It contains market anaylsis, early sketches, user scenarios, technical drawings, branding, logo development, etc.

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